Paroles Heaven

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Tonight I`m gonna fly
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of love
Towards the open sky
Gonna spread my wings and circle above
I`ve been too long on the ground
My head looking down
I don`t want to be there again
You gave me a love so real
Now I can`t believe how you`re making me feel

You take me to heaven baby
You`re taking me higher and higher
You take me to paradise
Don` you know it feels so good
You take me to heaven, Higher, higher

The sweetest liberty is a heart in chains that love sets free
And so you came my way
And I knew I`d found my destiny
The pain and the tears have all disappeared
And now I won`t be crying no more
I never felt so sure
'Cause I`ve found what I`ve been looking for

You take me to hea

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