Paroles You're All That I Want

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You're the only girl I've been dreamin' of
You're the only woman I ever loved
I want you to believe it's true
There's nothing I would rather do
My heart belongs to you, I know what I'm at

You're all that I want
You're all that I need
You're all that I see
You're everything to me
You're all that I want

And you need to feel my love inside
And I need to show what I can't hide
It's something that you just can't fight
It feels so good it must be right
There ain't no use in lyin' to myself

You're all that I feel
You're my dream come true
You're my everything
No matter what you do
You're all that I want

And if you leave me, don't say goodbye, 'cause you're all I need to get by

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