Paroles Down So Low

Le - modifié le - Par .

When you went away I cried
Cried for so long
And I wanted you to stay
Ah but that was all wrong

The pain you left behind
Has become part of me
And it's burned out a hole
Where my love used to be

But it's not losing you
That's got me down so low
I just can't find another man
To take your place

Well you know I love you
But that wasn't enough
We both fell apart
When things got too tough
And I've learned how to give now
But what good
But what good would that do
No one can touch me
The way you used to do


Well I know your opinion
Of me is not good
Please try to understand
That I'd change
Well I'd change if I could
And this coldness inside me
Well it's starting to build
And a woman can't be a woman
Unless she's fulfilled


There's no one can

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