Paroles What You Are

Le - modifié le - Par .

Baby, by the time you get this letter
I'll be gone
But I left something for you on the pillow
Put this tape in
Press play
I love you

It's four in the morning, I'm sitting here at night
I'm writing you this song to say what's on my mind
I'm leaving in an hour, and you won't be up in time to say goodbye, whoa
I'm putting this on tape (baby, you're wonderful)
I really mean it, babe (more than you will ever know)
I wish that I could stay (but I gotta go)
I'll be back, but in the meantime
Keep in mind

(What you are)
Something too big for words
And it's my pleasure to love you, baby, for better or worse
('Cause what you are)
A beautiful mother to your kids
Sometimes, it slips my mind, so in case I forget
(Girl, you are) you're better than (anything)
I ever had
(You are) the perfect love
(Never give you up because you are)
My heart, my soul, my breath
Take it all until there's nothing left
'Cause, baby, you are

Now, no man has ever loved his woman
More than I love you
Girl, you know it's true
And no man can ever say he does his woman better than I do you
That ain't true (here's what I do)
Send you fresh-cut roses every day of the week
Take you shopping whenever
More importantly
Wrap my loving arms around you
To reassure everything I felt that first night
I feel it more

[Chorus: x2]

(You are)
(You are)
(You are)
(Girl, you are)
(You are)
(You are)

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