Paroles Tell Me

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Sad,sad story, about all the things I've heard.
Now baby, there's something on my mind.
You said I was your true love.
But I hear you're foolin' 'round.
I gotta know girl what's going down.

Oh, tell me, wher do we go from here and.
Are you just playin' me for a fool.
Oh, lover, I'm tired of people talking.
Why don't you tell me girl if we're through.
Why can't I hear it from you.

Everybody's talkin'
They say you're leaving me.
They say you don't want me no more,
Oh baby.
I need some understanding,
Oh, tell me who's right and who's wrong.
baby yea.
Do I stay with you, do I move along.


Oh, tell me, where do we go from here and.
Please don't you keep me hangin' on.
Ooh i, I can't stand it.
Wondering if you still love me.
Wondering if what they say is true.

Please tell me baby if it's true.
Tell me baby.
Tell me baby what's on your mind.
Tell me baby
Tell me yeah (what's on your mind)
Tell me, tell me yeah.
Wait a minute, tired of people talking.
Tired of all my friends telling me about you
Yo see, looking for some understanding.
I've got to know right now girl if it's true.
Don't keep me hangin' on baby.
Can't you see me standin' here askin' you
Come on and tell me.
Don't hurt me baby.
Tell me yeah.
Love me girl or leave me alone.
Tell me, tell me yeah
Don't tease me.
Tell me (Don't tease me baby)
Tell me yeah
Oh, tell me, tell me yeah.
(don't tease me honey)
Tell me, tell me yeah.

Lyrics © Peermusic Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.