Paroles Short Fat Fanny

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I was slipping and sliding with a long tall Sally
Peeking and a hiding,duck back in the alley
Don't want to rip it up,don't want to dance with Annie
I've got a brand new lover name is Short Fat Fannie

One day while I was visiting at Heart Break Hotel
That's where I met Fannie and she sure looked swell
I told her that I loved her and I'd never leave
She put her arms around me, gave me fever

She's my tutti fruity,I love the child so
She watch me like a hound dog everywhere I go
Whenever I'm around her I'm on my p's and q's
She might step on my blue suede shoes

Well at a honky tonk party just the other night
Fannie got jealous and she started a fight
At the club I was dancing with Mary Lou
I had to call Jim Dandy to the rescue

Short Fat Fannie she's my hearts desire
Short Fat Fannie sets my soul on fire
On Monday we were married on Blueberry Hill
Now we're so happy and I love her still

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