Paroles Mean Streets

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Raised up with two kinds of people
The good ones and the bad
I was taught from early on
The only choice I had
Now I see, it's clear to me
What was in the plan
Had to walk the walk and talk the talk
And try to be a man
I swear the wind took me away
But now I'm here again today, yeah

I'm back on the mean streets (back on the mean streets)
Oh, it's the only thing I know
Never change me (never change me)
It was born in my soul
And it don't take much to make me mad
Push me a little and I bring back
I've a mean streak, oh
Yeah, I'm back on the mean streets

Somebody stole my money, I heard a brother say
Used to we'd fight it out, that was yesterday
Just cause you're packin' son, don't make you a man
If you shoot to kill, what's the thrill
Why don't you understand
Each time I walk outside my door
We need a change and that's for sure


Do you ever think about where you're goin'
Have you ever thought about where you been
Will you ever pass this way again
There's a fear and you know it
But inside, you can't show it
No where for you to run and hide


Yeah, I'm back on the mean streets baby
I'm back on the mean streets
I'm back on the mean streets
Mean streets
It don't take much to take me back

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