Paroles Metroland

Le - modifié le - Par .

Yearning, we were yearning
Green light blinding on the rail
Burning - we were burning
And the line unwinding to the Holy Grail
To the future gleaming on a blue horizon
And a golden girl on golden sand
Dreaming, fantasizing
In another world from Metro-land

I've danced in rain, and I've been Django
And I've got laid
I've been a rolling stone
I've been Verlaine
And I've been Rimbaud
Not afraid to walk alone
And now I take my midnight ramble
Do I fold or play what's in my hand?
What's at stake and what's the gamble?
Do I stay in Metro-land?

Dreams, yesterday's laughter
Ghosts and lovers come back to play
But dreams have a morning after
And run for cover
In the light of day
I got something real worth holding on to
I can belong to and understand
I've made my deal
I will go on to
Make my peace with Metro-land

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