Paroles Ego Tripping Out

Le - modifié le - Par .

Hey homeboy how come everywhere you go you have to go by limousine man

Hey man that's my thing

I know its your thing
Every time I see you you are awful clean you got your rings generally

Flash the cash is what I need

I can understand it

I got the baddest cool, could never be the fool, the ladies wait to get down with me
The love I make superb, to doubt me is absurd, the ladies say I'm the greatest you see
I want to have your spot, and more than what you got, I bought the baddest house I could find
All it must be said I'm greatest in the bed and when I love a lady she's mine
I know I'm really hot, my diamonds shine a lot, check out here this 450 SE babe
I'm what's its all about

Ego tripping out (tripping out, tripping out, your tripping out, your tripping out)

Ahh ha hey hey

Without a doubt, I know we ego tripping out, sometimes it's a shame
But it caused so much pain, don't want you baby
I know you ego tripping out, 'times it's a shame but it can't do without
Without a doubt, I know your ego tripping out, hey she don't know it
Ain't it a shame all the pain to come

I'm better than the rest, check out the way I dress and got a lot of money to spend
The best club in town, is where I get down, your lucky if I choose you my friend
Walk the greatest walk, I got to be the talk, I've got the greatest show in town
Woo hoo rock with other men then roll over to me so I can fill your soul baby
Aw check out the love mink standing tall in bold can fulfill your needs into the cold baby
Needless to say I'm your greatest play
Ego tripping out, oh, ego tripping out,
Yeah, ego tripping out

In my mind what it's for
Got a sweet tooth for the chick on the floor
Walking in my shoes
Walking to the beat
Still got some love inside
Some good old body heat

Oh baby
Spread the news
Only here to deepen my soul
No it ain't about money

Turn the fear into energy
'Cause the toot and the smoke
Won't fulfill the need

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