Paroles If My Heart Could Sing

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I could write a million letters
Quote from every poem I've read
Sing each I've song that I've ever heard to you

But there's one thing I'd do better
If I had a voice instead
And the part of me that holds my love for you

If my heart could sing
I'd sing a song that all the world could feel
One that each word a thought would bring
If my heart could sing, sing

I'd sing of love to tell my story
A how love brought me you
And like a bell I'd toll and ring
If my heart could sing

There are things I'd like to tell you
Things I'd felt along the way
But my lips can't speak the magic words
That my heart alone can say

Oh, I'd prove to you I'll always love you
Girl, I will, till the end of time
I'll make you today eternal spring
If my heart could sing

There are things that I'd like to tell you
Like how I'll never, ever forget you
If my heart, my heart could only sing, sing, sing

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