Paroles I Don't Know How to Love Him

Le - modifié le - Par .

I don't know how to love him
What to do how to move him
I've been changed
Yes really changed
In these last few days
When I've seen myself
I seem like someone else

And I don't know how to take this
I don't see why he moves me
He's a man
He's just a man
And I've had so many men before
In very many ways
He's just one more

Should I bring him down
Should I scream and shout
Should I speak of love
Let my feelings out
I never thought I'd come to this
What's it all about

Yet if he said he loved me
I'd be lost I'd be frightened
I couldn't cope
Just couldn't cope
I'd turn my head
I'd back away
I wouldn't want to know
He scares me so

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim Rice