Paroles There's A Train Out For Dreamland

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Ding-dong, ding-dong
Hear a bell a-ringing
All the children singing
You'll be singing too
Ooh ooh, ooh ooh
Hear a whistle blowing
Soon we'll all be going
You'll be going too

There's a train out for dreamland
That rides on a peppermint rail
It only stops at ice cream stations
To pick up crackerjack mail

There's a train out for dreamland
It's run by a chocolate brown bear
It runs around a candy mountain
As it sails through the air

You'll see a big white snowman
Who melts when he hears you laugh
A singin' mouse
A liquorice house
And a funny-looking jelly bean giraffe

All aboard now for dreamland
We'll choo-choo-choo-choo to the skies
So if you want to go to dreamland
Well then, just close your eyes


Frederick H. Heider, Carl Kress