Paroles Your Favorite Entertainer

Le - modifié le - Par .

You hear his voice above the roaring of the crowd
Dance while he goes through his charade
You see him standing there so tall and proud
And you know damn well the man has got it made

Applause, applause for your favorite entertainer
Write a love letter to your favorite entertainer
Applause, applause, because he's up there singing just for you
Singing just for you

His every movement draws you closer to the stage
Helplessly carried on the tide
Giddy and feeling almost half your age
It's magic he's got going on inside


You'd love to touch him, but you know you wouldn't dare
To kiss the lips that sing the song
You wave and scream to let him know you're there
With luck he'll sign the book you've brought along


Singing just for you

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