Paroles Abattoir Blues

Le - Par .

The sun is high up in the sky and I'm in my car
Drifting down into the abattoir
Do you see what I see, dear?
The air grows heavy
I listen to your breath
Entwined together in this culture of death
Do you see what I see, dear?

Slide on over here, let me give you a squeeze
To avert this unholy evolutionary trajectory
Can you hear what I hear, babe?
Does it make you feel afraid?

Everything's dissolving, babe, according to plan (oh yeah)
The sky is on fire, the dead are heaped across the land (oh yeah)
I went to bed last night and my moral code got jammed (oh yeah)
I woke up this morning with a frappucino in my hand (oh yeah)

I kissed you once
I kissed you again
My heart it tumbled like the stock exchange
Do you feel what I feel, dear?
Mass extinction, darling, hypocrisy
These things are not good for me
Do you see what I see, dear?
The line the God throws down to you and me
Makes a pleasing geometry
Shall we leave this place now, dear?
Is there some way out of here?

I wake with the sparrows and I hurry off to work (oh yeah)
The need for validation, babe, gone completely berserk (oh yeah)
I wanted to be your Superman but I turned out such a jerk
I got the abattoir blues
I got the abattoir blues
I got the abattoir blues
Right down to my shoes (abbatoir blues)
Down to my shoes (abbatoir blues)
(Abbatoir blues)
(Abbatoir blues)
(Abbatoir blues)
(Abbatoir blues)

Nicholas Cave, Warren Ellis

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