Paroles Slowly Goes the Night

Le - Par .

Darlin', let mornin' to chose to go
Awoke in my [incomprehensible] and groves
You're diggin' my car, stolen my cash
Even my 500 dollar super sledge

And I just laid there
Watchin' the sun fall down from the sky
Not wantin' to open the letter
But opened it anyway and seein' those two words

Lover, lover, goodbye
So slowly goes the night
Next to me lies your body playin'
Like the map of some forbidden land

I trace the ghosts of your bones
With my trembling hand
Dark is my night
And darker is my day, yeah

I must've been blind, out of my mind
I never, never saw the warning signs
How goes it? It goes lonely
It goes slowly

So slowly goes the night
Ten lonely days, ten lonely nights
And watch the moon get flayed each night
Until the moon becomes the skin in night

Other skins of my sins
I send to cover and comfort you
I know of a Heaven
But honey, I know of a Hell, yeah

I hang my head, I toss in my bed
I never, never forget the words you said
One evenin', I'm leavin' and I laughed and checked her breathin'
And said darlin', go slowly through the night

O, baby, I feel the heal of time
I wake to find you sittin' out there
Cuttin' tangels out of your hair
Singin' a song, that's all wrong

Hey, but that's alright, I don't care
O, darling, forgive me
For all the misery, yeah
I reach out and embrace an empty space

A song that slowly, slowly fades
Where goes it?
It goes some place, it goes somewhere
Where it's lonely

And black as the night
Come on darling', let's put things right, put things right
I hang my head and cry cry cry
Darling, all night I try

To cease on a reason for this mad, mad season
The nights, they are so long, I can't remember being in light
Call it sleep, call it death, call it what you like
But only sleep, only sleep brings you back to life, yeah

I hang my head, I toss and I sweat
I never, never, never can't forget
How goes it? I'm going, but slowly slowly going
And we both know that it's gonna be alright

But it ain't you who has to cry, cry, cry
Ten lonely days, ten lonely nights
Since you left my side, side, side