Paroles Make Your Mind Up

Le - modifié le - Par .

Eruptions, and rustin'
When I'm thrustin'
Cuts men
Into microscopic particles
Molecules, atoms
Attack 'em, hack 'em
Never slow, never slack
I'm invincible, _________ flow is intense at fools
Who know not, flow not like this wizard
Ya play with it, riddle
Widdle a hole in ya dome
And pull out ya gizzard
I slaughtta the
Ya slips, there's a slobbly geek
Niggaz tweek
When I speak
They retreat,
Rethink what was spoken and then repeat
My feat
Of inhuman capabilities
Rape and pillage emcees
Then I kill emcees
Who have no style
I file niggaz down to the cuticle
Who can feel my foot prints
Soot gets kicked in your eye, beautiful
Blinding, Winding
Up and change-ups
Rearrange punks
When I drops, kerplunk!
Rip chunks
Out the mic
And then digest
Why test?
I'm cavin' in your chest when I express
Extreme confusion
You think you're losin' your mind
'cause my rhyme cuts holes like a nine

Tajai, two syllables - easy!
With ease, we, seize thee, butt emcees be
Cause they come wacker than batman sound effects
I ground your text, but vertebrae wack I pound your necks
Sally bone, I be prone to rip shit, likely
Believe it or not, believe it I got the cock-D
I cap the phonies, so there is no needs for me
Your attempts deceive us
And pimps know I be
Excel irate
And on that scale
That's fail
The countenances
Of countless knit-wits
Who wish this
With mis hits
But this shit is equipped with
Homin' devices that are precise as they get, kids
Target's stuck to foes who pose muchly
Fronts be phucked and
Punk nuts, why gets amongst thee
Punks, we often cross
When soft men
Is the image portrayed to them
Spinach is no saviour when
I +Popeye's+, all of the guys feel my brutish
Strength, and +Wimpy's+ see haggard futures
Don't tempt me, shrimps we skewered on the barbie
My foot has found wit in ya
Is there any dillemma?
Yo- hardly

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