Paroles Still In Love

Le - modifié le - Par .

You do your upper west side promenade in your latest masquerade now
There's always someone who's fall for your line
Rich girls stuck with too much time babe
Why'always keep your sugar handy, just tryin' to steal some candy
You got your finger on the trigger, you must figure that makes you look bigger
I can't believe I'm

(Still in love) still in love, (still in love) here am I
(Still in love) out here waitin' for you on the corner
(Still in love) still in love, (still in love) don't know why
(Still in love) though the sign says "walk", I just wait
For you boy
The way you slide into the parking lot, oh my god, the engine's hot now
The main attraction always draws a crowd
Where the music's strong, the drinks are loud, yeah yeah
While Vanna White displays the prizes, you got 'em hypnotized for sure
You got a rabbit in your tophat, so tell me baby, where your head's at now
I can't believe I'm

[Chorus - yeah, I'm waitin' for you baby]
Don't keep me waitin'

(Instrumental break)
[Chorus repeats out...]

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