Paroles Ceasar

Le - Par .

I got plans I'll find money
For nothing can stop me now
It's my chance in a million
My creation will live somehow
Time spent is life wasted
There's better things to do
I'll drop dead in good graces
After all you've put me through
Rage on little Caesar
Rage on...
I pretend but nothing changes
So I fight till I get my way
I got friends in high places
And I long to be with them someday
A strong willed sole survivor
That's what I am
I can move no faster
If I chased you to
The promised land
Rage on little Caesar
Rage on...
Go ahead, I'll see you later
It's not that I have not tried
I don't beg it's not my nature
But I'll give you some good advice
The all time big loser
I used to be
So old man move over
And we'll build a city
By the sea
Rage on little Caesar
Rage on...