Paroles "For The Love Of It All (Lifelines LP Version)" - Peter Paul and Mary

In the beginning, as life became form
The oceans heaved, the mountains were cleaved
The firmament stormed
At the center of being, immensely small
Was the master of now, don't ask me how
The Love of it all

And the seasons were many
Creation was new
And there on a tree (deceptively free)
A forbidden fruit
Upon leaving the garden, after the fall
One thing was clear; we chose not to hear
The love of it all

But for the love of it all
I would go anywhere
To the ends of the earth
What is it worth if Love would be there?
Walking the thin line between fear and the call
One learns to bend and finally depend
On the love of it all

"Irresistible targets"
I heard someone say
They were speaking of angels
Who are so courageous day after day
Gunned down on a highway (as we often recall)
I hear a scream; I have a dream
The love of it all

Still the world is in labor
She groans in travail
She cries with the eagle, the dolphin
She sighs in the song of the whale
While the heart of her people
Prays at the wall
A spirit inside is preparing a bride
For the love of it all

For the love of it all
Like the stars and the sun
We are hearts on the rise
Separate eyes with the vision of one
No valley too deep, no mountain too tall
We can turn back the night with merely the light
From the love of it all

And so we are marching to 'to give peace a chance'
Brother and sister as one in this mystery dance
Long ago on a hilltop where now the curious crawl
A man on a cross paid the ultimate cost
For the love of it all

For the love of it all
We are

Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.


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