Paroles Jacques Cousteau

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Well he's my favorite frogman you all know
He's got a black wet suit and he's ready to go
He's got a mini-sub and he don't care
If he don't ever come up for air

Cause he's Jacques Cousteau
How low, how low baby can you go
From sea to shining sea
He's checking 'em out for you and me

He's got a tank on his back, strapped and locked
He's got goggles and flippers and he's ready to rock
And he shoots the fishes one by one
Only with zee camera, never zee gun


Atlantic, manifique
Pacific, terrifique
But he's a friend of the whale and a friend of the shark
And all the little fishies that glow in the dark

Well Jacques and the fishes, they're doing the swim
I say "Jump back Jacques and do it again"
He don't work no nine to five, he say "see'est la vie"
He take another dive


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