Paroles "Baby" - Prince

Baby, what are we gonna do?
I'm so in love with you
Baby, what are we gonna do?
I know you're in love with me too
Should we go on living together?
Or should we get married right away?
Whatever you decide
I'll still love you, baby
And we'll grow stronger everyday

Baby, what are we gonna do?
I barely have enough money for two
Baby, what are we gonna do?
I don't want to regret what I've done to you
I never would've thought that this would happen
To a very careful man like me
But baby, pretty baby, we're gonna work it out, yeah
I love you, I love you, can't you see?

Baby, baby, baby
It's you, 'said it's you that I truly adore
Oh, baby, baby (baby, baby)
Oh, baby, babe
I hope our baby has eyes just like yours (just like yours)

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