Paroles 2nite - Bria Valente

Le - Par .

Happy people in the disco light
Dancin' sexy 'cause the music's right
Put ur arm around me and hold me tight
There's no 2morrow there's just 2nite

Worked so hard all through the week
Eye just wanna get off my feet, hit me back at a quarter 2 nine
We can jam and have a real good time
'u wanna jam with me?'


'No guns or drugs up in the place'
'Old school jams put a smile on ur face 2nite'

No top forty, no none of that junk
Eye know this dope spot that just plays funk
U know this jam is sure 2 move the crowd
Everybody's dancing no posing allowed... 2nite

Note 2 self: must avoid
Brokeback busters unemployed
Brothers who call me shorty in the pickup line
And all those who only got one thing on their mind


Belinda Bianca, me and u
We can party like grown folks do
Come correct and eye'll give you a chance
Don't ask me 4 my number, just ask me 2 dance

Shake ur flip side and feel the beat
Wake up the next day in the palazzo suites
Lay out 'til noon in the desert sun
Don't get mad 'cause we havin fun

If we gonna party let's party right
No yesterday just remember 2nite

Lyrics © Gareth Nelson, Universal Music Publishing Group


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