Paroles Another Boy - Bria Valente

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Every time another boy speaks
If they catchin' feelings and they wanna get with me
Eye don't hear no evil or c it
Don't matter anyway 'cause they'll never b with me
Eye got what eye want and he's home
Waiting on me 2 call him on the phone
2 ask him what he wants from the store
Eye give him what he needs a baby so much more

Ain't another man that can make me love him
Cause eye only place god and the sky above him
He's the one that brings me joy
As long as we're together there will never be another boy

Everywhere we go people stare
They could be jealous but eye just don't care
Perception ain't really the truth
They could never ever take me away from u
Every time another boy pass
Eye think about how sad eye was in the past
Hoping with a knife in my back
That everything was cool but he was making plans

Just another failed romance
'Cause a one-trick pony ain't got no chance
Eye don't need any other toy
Cause baby u're my lover there will never be another boy

Sister and my mother, father and my brother
This is what the difference will be
The only one that lasts through all of history

Every time another boy speaks kind words of praise or fantasy
2 me their just another boy
And not the coolest boy who brings me joy

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