Paroles Future Baby Mama

Le - modifié le - Par .

I've heard it said my lovers look alike
Could it be that I was looking for you
They were cool but something wasn't right
They had me fooled for a minute and then I saw the truth

None of them got what it takes
To be a future baby mama
Gotta bend in the wind, but don't break
To keep your man

Show me one of them and I'll make her mine
With no more drama
Future baby mama
I've heard it said that I won't treat you right
(U know that ain't right babe)
But they ain't sure because they don't know nothing about you
(U know what you want baby)
You're too secure to ever want to fuss and fight
(That's right)

That's why your man never ever got a reason to doubt you
Yeah I know you might be fine but I've seen it all before
Cinderella was a waste of time and oops she's out the door
To build a house together the thing that matters more

Is under the floor
A strong foundation that last forever more
I want to make you happy, baby
(Oh yes)
Happier than happy itself
(Oh yes)
You know what?

If you'll ever need a hand, call me I'll help
Because I got you, anywhere you wanna go, uh
(Oh yes)
Paris, London, Africa, San Lucas Mexico, you see

I know what you want
What every good woman wants
A man so in love with you
He can't help but to flaunt you
Deep down I know what you want
You want your girlfriends to hate you
Because they can't get your man

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