Paroles I hate U

Le - Par .

I never thought that you would be the one
After all the things that we've been through
You gave your body to another in the name of fun
I hope you had some, baby, if not - boo hoo

1-It's so sad but I hate you
Like a day without sunshine
It's so bad but I hate you
Cause you're all that's ever on my mind

Honey I hate you
Now every day will be a waste of time
Cause I hate you

I never thought that I could feel this way
To fall in love was a table reserved for fools
Say you're sorry if you want to but it's all in vain
I'm out the door, sweet baby, that's right
We're through
(rpt 1)

(This court is now in session
Will the defendant please rise?
State your name for the court...never mind
You're being charged with one too many counts
Of heartbreaking in the first degree
I don't give a damn about the others
My main concern is you and me)

Your honor, may I call to the stand
My one and only witness?
A girl that knows damn well
She didn't have no damn business
I know what you did, how you did it and who you did it with
So you might as well plead guilty
Cause you sure can't plead the fifth
Now raise your right hand
Do you swear to tell the whole truth
Not the half truth like you used to, so help you God?
Nod your head one time if you hear me
If you don't, I'll have to use the rod
Anything to make you see, that uh, you're gonna miss me
Yeah, you're gonna miss me

(If it pleases the court
I'd like to have the defendant
Place her hands behind her back
So I can tie her up tight and get into the act
The act of showing her how good it used to be
I want it to be so good she falls back into love with me
Close your eyes
I'm gonna cover your ass with this sheet
And I want you to pump your hips like you used to
And baby, you better stay on the beat)

Did you do to your other men
The same things that you did to me?
Right now I hate you so much I want to make love until you see
That it's killin' me baby to be without you
Cause all I ever wanted to do was to be with you
I hate you because I love you
But I can't love you because I hate you...
(ad lib to fade)

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