Ronald Bertram Aloysius Greaves III ©Nostalgie

R B Greaves

Né(e) le : 28/11/1944

Nom de naissance : Ronald Bertram Aloysius Greaves III

Pays de naissance : États-Unis

Genre musical : Soul

R.b. Greaves

R.b. Greaves

R.b. Greaves

  1. Always Something There To Remind Me (LP Version)
  2. Don't Play That Song (LP Version)
  3. Take A Letter, Maria
  4. Cupid (LP Version)
  5. This Is Soul (LP Version)
  6. Ballad Of Leroy (LP Version)
  7. Ain't That Good News (LP Version)
  8. Birmingham, Alabama (LP Version)
  9. Home To Stay (LP Version)
  10. Oh When I Was A Boy (LP Version)