Ray Charles ©Columbia

Ray Charles

Né(e) le : 23/09/1930

Nom de naissance : Ray Charles Robinson

Pays de naissance : États-Unis

Genre musical : Rock'n roll , Soul , Blues , Pop

The Birth of Soul

The Birth of Soul

The Birth of Soul

  1. The Sun's Gonna Shine Again (LP Version)
  2. Roll With My Baby (lp Version)
  3. The Midnight Hour (LP Version)
  4. Jumpin' In The Morning (lp Version)
  5. Losing Hand (LP Version)
  6. Heartbreaker (LP Version)
  7. Sinner's Prayer (LP Version)
  8. Funny But I Still Love You (LP Version)
  9. Feelin' Sad (LP Version)
  10. I Wonder Who (LP Version)
  11. Nobody Cares (Single/LP Version)
  12. Ray's Blues (Single/LP Version)
  13. Mr. Charles Blues (Single/LP Version)
  14. Hard Times (No One Knows Better Than I) (R&B LP Version)
  15. A Bit Of Soul (Single/LP Version)
  16. Mary Ann (Single/LP Version)
  17. I Want To Know (Single/LP Version)
  18. It's Alright (Single/LP Version)
  19. Get On The Right Track Baby (Single/LP Version)
  20. That's Enough (single/lp Version)
  21. Talkin' About You (Single/LP Version)
  22. What Kind Of Man Are You (single/lp Version)
  23. I Want A Little Girl (Single/LP Version)
  24. Yes Indeed (Single/LP Version)
  25. I Had A Dream (Single/LP Version)
  26. You Be My Baby (single/lp Version)
  27. Tell All The World About You (single/lp Version)
  28. Early In The Morning (Single/LP Version)
  29. Carryin' That Load (LP Version)
  30. Tell Me How Do You Feel (lp Version)