Paroles It's Alright (Single/LP Version)

Le - modifié le - Par .

(It's alright)
Whoah now, let me tell you now
(It's alright)
So many times I sat down and cried (it's alright)
You know there's no one to dry my weapin' eyes (it's alright)
Baby, I'm so in love with you now (it's alright)
And yet you broke my heart in two
Although you've gone away
There's nothin' I can say but "it's alright"

(It's alright)
Baby, how could you be so mean? (it's alright)
You know, sometimes I feel like I want to scream (it's alright)
Everytime I hear someone call your name now (it's alright)
You know it almost drives me insane (it's alright)

You took my love and gone
And you know that was wrong
But it's alright (it's alright)

I want you to keep on singing, children (it's alright)
You know someday you'll need these arms of mine (it's alright)
I said it make take a long long time (it's alright)
And when things ain't what they used to be now (it's alright)

You can bring your fine self home to me
To prove my love is true
I'll hug and kiss you too
And I'll say "it's alright"
(It's alright)

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