Paroles The Turnaround

Le - modifié le - Par .

Hey, I'm gonna stay here and wait for the turnaround
Hey, I'm gonna stay here and make this come around

Come back now (come back now)
We're waiting (we're waiting)
For children’s quicker and then it's gone
I shaked it, and I'll save you
Across the kitchen table in to a pass

Take, take my word’s gift on this
You come around
When the other state we're gonna slay
Into the turnaround
There's love here, there's dreams fears
There's other one without inside
It started, the cascade
You're tired and it's time

'Cause you're in love with loneliness, reaches you
And your behave when empty nights stay to day
You stay until, just stay until,
You thought it through
The best part is over and nothing I'm feeling is new.

If forever I'm that thing,
Forever always dance
You're gonna stay here with me,
Stay until the last

Run and try until the last shaking sign
Until the future runs a crowd
Before I got holding down,
Oh, don't miss the turnaround
Don't miss the turnaround
Don't miss the turnaround
Don't miss it

Tell me the way you’ve been
Tell me the way you’ve been so long
I wanna go along and pretend that it’s dawn
That’s the stop, not the close
I’m your friend, not your post
We’re under false law

Nothing you’ve seen that flies
Another empty picture for this college of mine
One to pull it back and pretend that it’s dark
That we made it year around
I’m your friend, not your God
And we’re under false law

I’ll take the gambling ring
They said it expired and
Just too busy no more
The way let’s go to

Don’t worry, let’s go again

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