Paroles This Is It

Le - Par .

Well, this is it, that day is here
The day I knew would come, when you would leave me, dear (leave me, dear)
Well, here I sit, while teardrops fall
And wonder why I care when you don't care at all (don't care at all)
But I'm a fool that way, from a-way back when
A fool who'd take you back if you'd come back again
But this is it, you're gone, you're free
You'll find another love, but this is it for me

Well, this is it, That day is here
It's no surprise and yet, I can't hold back the tears (hold back the tears)
Well, here I sit and try to guess
How such an empty room, so full of loneliness (loneliness)

Well, even the clock has stopped
Somehow I guess it knew
That time's run out for me
It's over, it're all through
Yes, this is it
You're gone, you're free
You'll find another love but this is it for me

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