Paroles You

Le - Par .

Words and music by John Kay

The night wind howls way up in the canyon
The moon comes out while fog rolls in
One more time I'm waiting for the spirit of the past
To appear and trouble me again

Time goes by like a sail on the ocean
Sleep won't come though my eyes grow dim
And in the dark I see what I have seen a hundred times
The ghost, the ghost of might have been

Oh, it's you
You keep me hanging on
You're the one whose memory I see
Yeah you, you hang on till the dawn
And it's you and what we knew, that's killing me

The love we shared was the dream of a lifetime
The joy we knew, our reason to be
And if it's hard to live without some happiness or love
Worst of all is this hopeless misery

oh, it's youâ?¦

I don't know who to blame
And it really doesn't matter anymore
I'm trying hard to keep the past
From driving me insane
But somehow I keep hoping, to see you at that door

Early morning sun is rising
I can see it rising through the haze
Someone's walking up my stairs, knocking at my door
Lord how I've longed to see that face

Oh, it's youâ?¦..

© 1981 Rambunctious Music

Lyrics © BMG Rights Management