Paroles Sad boy

Le - Par .

On the beach
I build a castle
Out of loneliness and sand
I'm the saddest boy I know
Just had to build me a wonderland

'Cause when you
Came by hand in hand
With another guy
I just could not stop those big tears
Falling from my eyes

The high tides coming in
Oh no, no, no, no
I can't stand to see my kingdom end
Her boys laughed at me and said
"Oh sad boy never build your castle by the sand"

The tide
Came rushing in
Took my poor castle out to the sea
If the ocean be that strong
Well then that's where I wanna be

When she reads
In the paper
That this same sad boy has drowned
Will she laugh with him
And say, "That funny clown"

Dorsey Burnette, Gerald Nelson