Paroles Bad Bad Dreams

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I've got a notion to live in an ocean of bad bad dreams
No consolation to mixed conversation in bad bad dreams
You know we're all alike
We can shout and scream and yell all night
It's just a bad bad dream

Feel like I'm crying, there's no use denying it's all been done
For your information we still own the nation, the war's been won
You know you're far too late
Your only hangup is you hesitate
It's just a bad bad dream

Bad bad bad dream [Repeat: x4]

I'm getting it to you so you get it through you and make your choice
People start playing and back what you're saying in just one voice
You know you're all insane, it doesn't matter how you play the game
It's just a bad bad dream

Bad bad bad dream [Repeat: x5]

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