Paroles Demon's Kiss

Le - modifié le - Par .

It was one of those things you don't quite see
I guess I knew but didn't want to believe
Shout in her hair, and steel in her eyes
Only nineteen and impossibly wise
I couldn't quite place it, I didn't quite know
But I had some wild oats and I wanted to sow
She was a feral fur and teeth
Some things you sow, you'd rather not reap

So children, you'll hear the serpents hiss
At the moment you feel
A demon's kiss

A demon's kiss, a demon's kiss
Watch out or you'll get your wish
A demon's kiss, a demon's kiss
My friends, she had a demon's kiss
A demon's kiss

They're sweet to live and dancing on MTV
Dancing in the disco, dancing for me
See the bed raise and the energy rise
Turn out the light and see the glow in her eyes


Well, it's whether awake and somehow survive
Most of her men are no longer alive
She's something you cannot have, cannot hold
Like touching your fingers on the hot coal



A demon's kiss
She had a demon's kiss, a demon's kiss

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