Paroles Sirensong

Le - modifié le - Par .

It could've been her golden hair
That turned my head
I didn't look to stare
Like I was hypnotized
But I was fixed
On how she pointed slowly down
And low I sank
And still without a sound
The world was far away
And I was tricked

It could've been her silver skin
That drew me on
I didn't mean to spin
Like I was mesmerized
But I was rapt
Without a name or memory
I waited there
Too scared to even breathe?

She sang, she sang, she sang

She sang
"Tell me you love me
And beg me to stay"
She sang
"Tell me you love me
Before it's too late"
She sang
"Give me your life
Or I must fly away
And you will never hear this song again"

It could've been her crystal eyes
That made me stop
I didn't want to sigh
Like I was stupefied
But I was thrown
And at that point of no return
My whole life hanging
On a single word
To be hers evermore
Or mine alone

She sang, she sang, she sang


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