Paroles I'm Not Angry

Le - modifié le - Par .

I hope your radio won't play until I've had my say
I hope your mail always fails to reach you
Until you want to hear from me
I hope your wristwatch goes berserk

But I'm not angry, I'm just hurt
I hope your phone will never ring & you can never sing
I hope your car doesn't start, cannot move
Until you want to be with me

I hope your brand new dress gets torn
But I'm not angry, just forlorn
I'll make a voodoo dance to fit with bats & owls
We'll haunt your house on rattle chains
We'll hang around until you call my name

And tell me that you want me back again
I hope your records always break, your shoes make your feet ache
I hope your luck will get stuck on black cats
Until you want a kiss from me

I hope your TV's always bad
But I'm not angry, I'm just sad
But I'm not angry, I'm just sad

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