Paroles Turn Around (Album Version)

Le - modifié le - Par .

Barefoot girl has got a pretty jewel
Telling everyone about the way it shines
Barefoot boy is grinning like a fool
Doesn’t really want to get her off his mind

Turn around the summer’s almost over
Turn around the summer’s almost gone

Barefoot girl is buying winter clothes
Packing everything she owns and rides away
Barefoot boy don’t care to see her go
Would give anything if she would only stay

Turn around the summer’s almost over
Turn around until the winter’s gone

Midnight wind is blowing awfully hard
Racing all the trains down along the track
Barefoot boy is standing in the yard
Afraid to go and see the barefoot girl come back

Turn around the days are not so lonely
Turn around before the summer’s gone
Turn around before the night is over
Turn around, no need to be alone

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