Paroles Little Girl

Le - modifié le - Par .

She looks from side to side
The tear drops fill her eyes
As once again she hears the sound of shouting
turns to the window pane
Funny there`s rain again
Inside her head she hears the sound of shouting

They are fighting again
All she feels is cold and pain
She don`t know whose side to take
Mother`s or Father`s
She can`t know that soon they`ll part
That they broke each other`s heart
They are breaking up, but she don`t understand it

She leaves the room in fright
Each time they start to fight
She runs up to her bed
But there`s no sleeping
Clings to her teddy bear
But even teddy bear can`t stop her weeping

Little girl dry your eyes
Your Ma and Pa one day will put you wise
Little girl don`t you cry
You`ll understand what happened by and by

verse 2

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