Paroles Soldiers Dilemma (1999 Remastered Version)

Le - Par .

Please answer my question
Why do I have to go to war
I don't believe in the government's greed
I find the whole thing a bore

Well if you think that it's right
To fight well then fight
Well please don`t ask me to join in
The trouble were in,
How did it begin
Well please don`t ask me to fight your war

I ain't tired of living
I like to keep it in one piece
I don't like the odds you're giving
You ain't having me on a lease

I like to eat three meals a day
In my own lazy way
And you can't keep
That you're giving away for free

Even after I've protested
Seems I don`t have any choice
You put a gun in my hand now
You say I'm fighting for peace

Well it's just a lie
So why should I die
For something in which I don`t believe
Well it's so hard
When you're shooting at me
Well all I can do is reply

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