Paroles Everybody's Got The Right To Love

Le - Par .

When you're alone and in a corner
Your only mourner, is the face that
Appears in the nearest mirror
You've gotta get it going and somehow knowing
You're gonna have it better than you ever had it, because
Everybody needs somebody
Everybody's got the right to love

If it were me, say I
I'd say I
But if it's you, say you
Cause if you could give in for a minute
Put your soul in it
We could get it together and forever love
So what's the use of running boy
You know there ain't no point in running
You need somebody, somebody to love you
Cause everybody needs somebody
Everybody's got the right to love
You got the right to say I, need somebody
I need you, he needs me
Come together, talk to me, oh yeah

You can have all the things that you desire
But without love you just can't survive
Cause you need love to warm your heart at night
When you're all alone and no comfort's in sight
You need somebody
Everybody needs somebody, oh yeah
Everybody's got the right to love