Paroles For Better or Worse

Le - Par .

Pamela Sawyer-Joe Hinton
For better or worse
I'll say yes in that little church
Will you marry me boy?
For better or worse.

We can't find a home
Just a room without any view
We'll walk our favorite march
But least I'll have you.

I see the priest standing before you and me
In my mind's eye I can see how it will be.

When he says to you:
For better or worse
Do you take this girl for your wife?
I'll say yes, yes I do for all of my life.

For better or worse
I'll make you love every new day
Bringing breakfast to your bed
I'll spoil you that way.

I can't hardly wait for a boy
Baby, can you?
I know he'll be cute
Cause he'll be like you.

[Chorus: x2]

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