Paroles Just Another Lonely Night

Le - modifié le - Par .

Seems to come so slow
How I need this warming glow

Foolishly, I've made you cry
Confident, you never say goodbye
Darling, that's the reason why

That even in a crowd, laughing out loud, I'm lonely
For I love you only and without you
Every night's just another lonely night

(Just another)
Tears are falling from my eyes
I'm calling
(Just another)
Out your name, tearful sigh

How I pray it's not too late
All my life for you I wait
Just call me I won't hesitate
For when you left you took the best of me

I love you, can't you see?
Since you've been gone
Every night's just another lonely night

(Just another)
Since you've been gone my life is so lonely, baby, baby
It's just a
(Just another)
Even my sun is hoping

(Just another)
Oh, it's all I need is you only
(Just another)
I'm just no good without you, baby
I'm just a lonely, lonely

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