Paroles Abnormally Attracted To Sin (Album Version)

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I remember those days
When we went with my friends
To the Eden parties
Yaldaboth drunk a martini
Mary Magdalene in bikini
And Sister Ernestine was dancing on the cube
She was drunk half naked
And said take the juicy apple
And They said me that sentence in loop
Now I think They wanted me out of the group
And I think why no, I said
Everybody knows that my holy bible misses some page

Abnormally attracted to sin
How I am sexy
Abnormally attracted to sin
When I see me I'm in love again
I'm attracted to the botox
That makes me sexy and sexy again
And to all my surgeons staff

Bad times
When I could move my face in all the directions
Please smile just when you have not other options
My doctors said. And I did
Mary Magdalene went on extreme makeover (over over)
And now she makes a show in saint Marie de la mer (mer mer)
And I'm just attracted but so attracted girls again to sin
That's my profession

Abnormally attracted to sin
Can you believe it?
Abnormally attracted to sin
As the cell and the code pin
Attracted tovtrasgression
So They pull my face so much and so much
I seem a Chinese lady
Like a bull, bull, bull
In a sexy shop, shop, shop
Cause I'm so sexy that more sexy "no, I can't"
And I'm abnormally attracted to sin

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