Paroles Aftershock

Le - modifié le - Par .

I don't care about the way that ya treated me
And I ain't crying 'bout the love I'm paying for
No, I ain't bitching 'bout the things
You putting down here in the street
No, I ain't going 'round saying things
About you I can't repeat
Hey it ain't gonna change overnight
No, and it ain't going away without a fight
No, now I ain't saying that I'm never gonna beg you, oh baby come back
But right now, baby
I don't really want to see your face
Yeah and that's a fact
Right now, honey
All I know is what I'm feeling inside
Right now, honey
I'm alone and I'm swallowing a lot
Of pride
And it ain't gonna change
Overnight, no
And it ain't goin' away without
A fight
Living with the aftershock
Why, why, why, I never thought
She'd walk
But now I'm living with the
And it ain't gonna change
It ain't goin' away, no
Yeah, she opened up my eyes
Seeing what I want to see
She kinda took me by surprise
Showed me what I hadn't seen
Yeah, yeah
Living with the aftershock
Yeah, yeah living with the aftershock
My, my, my, I guess that I never
Thought she'd walk
Living with the aftershock
And it ain't gonna change
It ain't goin' away
I said it ain't gonna change without
A fight
I'm living with the aftershock
I'm living with the aftershock
Never gonna change

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