Celebrate ! - Cerrone

  • Lie To Me (feat. Barbara Tucker, James D Train)

  • Laisser Toucher (Album Version)

  • Love Ritual (feat. Louie Vega)

  • Misunderstanding (feat. Sweet Connection)

  • Lover Boy (feat. Katherine Ellis)

  • Ready For The Show (feat. Jodie Elms)

  • Disco King

  • Not Too Shabby (feat. Jamie Lewis)

  • Sweet Violin

  • Put My Name On The Walk Of Fame (feat. JM Sissoko)

  • My Hero (feat. China)

  • Dance Ritual (feat. Louie Vega)

  • African Woman (feat. Wunmi)

  • Music Of Life (feat. Jamie Lewis)

  • Dance To The Music (feat. JM Sissoko)

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