Gerry Rafferty ©Nostalgie

Gerry Rafferty

Né(e) le : 16/04/1947

Décédé(e) le : 04/01/2011

Nom de naissance : Gerry Rafferty

Pays de naissance : Écosse

Genre musical : Rock , Pop rock

Can I Have My Money Back?

Can I Have My Money Back?

Can I Have My Money Back?

  1. New Street Blues
  2. Didn't I?
  3. Mr Universe
  4. Mary Skeffington
  5. The Long Way Round
  6. Can I Have My Money Back?
  7. Sign On The Dotted Line
  8. Make You Break You
  9. To Each And Everyone
  10. One Drink Down
  11. Don't Count Me Out
  12. Half A Chance
  13. Where I Belong
  14. Look Over The Hill And Far Away
  15. Patrick
  16. Rick Rack
  17. Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway
  18. Please Sing A Song For Us
  19. Blood And Glory
  20. I Can't Stop Now
  21. All The Best People Do It
  22. Steamboat Row
  23. Shoeshine Boy
  24. Keep It To Yourself
  25. My Singing Bird