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Hot Chocolate

Né(e) le : 30/11/1968

Nom de naissance : Hot Chocolate

Pays de naissance : Royaume-Uni

Genre musical : Pop , Disco , Funk , Soul

Every 1's a Winner

Every 1's a Winner

Every 1's a Winner

  1. Every 1's A Winner
  2. Confetti Day
  3. Love Is The Answer One More Time
  4. Some Times It Hurts To Be A Friend
  5. So You Win Again
  6. Stay With Me
  7. Run Away Girl
  8. Make You Feel Like A Woman
  9. Put Your Love in Me
  10. A Part Of Being With You
  11. Let Them Be The Judge
  12. The Power Of Love
  13. I'll Put You Together Again
  14. West End Of Park Lane