Julie Covington ©Nostalgie

Julie Covington

Né(e) le : 11/09/1947

Nom de naissance : Julie Covington

Signe : Vierge

Pays de naissance : Royaume-Uni

Genre musical : Pop

The Beautiful Changes

The Beautiful Changes

The Beautiful Changes

  1. The Magic Wasn't There
  2. Ice-Cream Man
  3. If I Had My Time Again
  4. He Just Don't Appeal To Me
  5. Winter Kept Us Warm
  6. The Beautiful Changes
  7. Queen Of Lights
  8. For Instance
  9. The Standards Of Today
  10. The Original, Original Honky Tonk Night Train Blues
  11. Don't Bother Me Now
  12. Friendly Island Song
  13. My Silks And Fine Array
  14. The Way Things Ought To Be
  15. Tonight Your Love Is Over