1. Jump On The Rythm And Ride (ReMastered)
  2. I Think I Love You (ReMastered)
  3. Love Come Down (ReMastered)
  4. Pretty Little Sexy Miss (ReMastered)
  5. Better Late Than Never (ReMastered)
  6. Heart (ReMastered)
  7. My Search Is Over (ReMastered)
  8. Wkool (ReMastered)
  9. Summer (ReMastered)
  10. B. Ball (ReMastered)
  11. Brown (ReMastered)
  12. Give Right Now To You (ReMastered)
  13. State Of The Earth Address (ReMastered)
  14. The Weight (ReMastered)
  15. It's Not Too Late (ReMastered)
  16. Show Us The Way To Love (ReMastered)
  17. Now Is The Time (ReMastered)
  18. Unite (ReMastered)
  19. Klassical Kool (ReMastered)
  20. God Will Find You (ReMastered)
  21. Spatial Relationship (ReMastered)