Nat King Cole - Christmas Song ©Dailymotion

Nat 'King' Cole

Né(e) le : 17/03/1917

Nom de naissance : Nathaniel Adams Cole

Pays de naissance : États-Unis

Genre musical : Comédie musicale , Crooner , Blues

  1. Hey Not Now (I'll Tell You When)
  2. I'll Always Remember You
  3. Tunnel of Love
  4. Roses and Wine
  5. Time Out for Tears
  6. Get to Gettin'
  7. The Way I'm Loving You
  8. Ev'ry Day
  9. Wish I Were Somebody Else
  10. You Can't Make Me Love You
  11. My Brother
  12. Land of Love (Come My Love and live With Me)
  13. Poor Jenny Is A-Weepin'
  14. Summer Is a Comin' In